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Green Eyes - one-shot

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Apr. 17th, 2005 | 04:52 am
posted by: ramychan in painterofwords

Title: Green Eyes
Pairing: H/Hr
Timeline: 7th year, January 28, 1998
Rating: PG
Summary: Romance. A one-shot songfic to Coldplay's "Green Eyes" from Hermione's point of view. What happens when Hermione can't hold in her feelings for Harry any longer? Is a confession really going to solve her problem? How will Harry take it?

Fanfic: Green Eyes

Author's Notes: This is my fourth fanfiction and third songfic. At the time I wrote this I was going through a hard time with this guy, so this sort of came from my perspective through Hermione. The first part really conveys a lot of my emotions that I played out as Hermione's. Any comments/reviews/questions are welcome with an open mind!

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