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Breaking Point - in progress

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Apr. 17th, 2005 | 04:06 pm
posted by: ramychan in painterofwords

Started chapter two...it's unfinished. Comments are appreciated more than you know; suggestions, questions, anything - feel free to post. :)

Opened my eyes today
And I knew there's something different
Saw you in a brand new way
Like the clouds had somehow lifted
And if yesterday I heard
Myself saying these words
I would swear it was a lie

I don't know why...but suddenly I'm falling
Was I so blind...

- "Hopelessly Addicted" by The Corrs


Harry had a restless night. He kept mulling over the words he had heard Hermione say the night before...“HARRY! I LOVE HARRY—"...and as he continued to revisit those words, the butterflies fluttering in his stomach seemed to multiply exponentially. Her saying those words made everything different somehow, and everything that had ever happened between them took on a whole new meaning. Harry was now lost in the memories...reanalyzing them, reevaluating them...and he couldn't understand how he couldn't have seen it before...how devoted she was to him...how unfaltering she was in her support of him, how she'd stand up to anyone on his behalf, how she'd risk her life to save his—it was all there, but in some way masked to his eyes until now. But where did this leave him? Having been dropped into a sea of memories with new meanings he'd never imagined they could carry, Harry didn't exactly know what to think. There were no feelings of that sort attached to these memories, and really the only change was a different way of understanding and interpreting them.

A door quietly clicked shut upstairs. Looking down at his watch only to be met with a blur of numbers, Harry reached for his glasses. Just as he slid them in place he looked up, seeing a shuffling Hermione exit the Common Room. She didn't even say "good morning".... Slightly frowning, Harry stood up and took his belongings upstairs to his dorm room, careful not to wake any of the slumbering boys. He decided that after he washed up he'd take a flight on his broom, which always seemed to help clear his mind.


He didn't even say "good morning".... Hermione scooted her fork around her plate, disinterestedly pushing her scrambled eggs to one side. Alone in the Great Hall, she decided to get breakfast out of the way early and utilize the library's space for the rest of the day. She wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out, but since that wasn't possible (or practical) she decided the library was as close as she'd get. Downing the last of her pumpkin juice, Hermione decided she'd had enough to eat and left for the library. Well prepared, she had everything she needed with her, all packed away and in her schoolbag. She made a quick visit to the loo and then proceeded to make herself at home at her favorite spot in the corner farthest from the entrance of the library. She loved the spot because of the large window that framed the Quidditch field...she'd been secretly watching Harry during his practices from that window since first year. Gazing out at the Quidditch field, Hermione was woken from her reverie when a blue streak crossed the skies above the field. Leaning into the window slightly, Hermione trained her eyes on the streak. Her face faulted—it was Harry. How am I ever going to face him again? After what he heard...things are going to be way too awkward.... Sighing, Hermione moved one pile of books to the side and took out her roll of parchment, ink bottle, and quill. In times like these, delving head first into her studies was the only sure way to clear her mind.

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